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Interviews With Your Favorite Alt. Rock Artists, Top 10 Lists, Compilation Videos & More

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then videos are anthologies of boundless intrigue, insight and entertainment. Get exclusive artist interviews, new music video releases, unique movie perspectives, counter-culture compilations, countdowns and everything else from within the alternative rock world, courtesy of Alternative Press Magazine’s APTV.



These 5 Misfits albums left scorch marks on the veneer of punk

Where does anyone even begin to explain the legacy of the Misfits? How did a bunch of guys from Lodi, New Jersey, end up leaving cauterized scorch...

Are you sure you’re singing the right lyrics to these 10 songs?

Want to know how to impress a band? Back when Warped Tour was a thing, you could whip one of these up and they'd love you. These...

These 10 solo albums parallel the artists’ original bands

Solo albums can be confusing things. When you hear a member of a beloved successful band is making one, there's a knee-jerk reaction. The first one is...

These 12 punk albums of 1981 are rich in sound and fury

Welcome to our look-back video at some of the best 1981 punk albums. While the foundation of punk rock was already in place by the late Seventies,...

These groundbreaking black artists helped move the underground forward

Don't kid yourselves for a fraction of a nanosecond. When it comes to the continued evolution of underground/alternative rock, black lives have always mattered. When FEVER 333...

These 10 black-owned fashion brands are all for empowerment & equality

Our new APTV video is a list of suggested black-owned fashion brands for you to patronize. Now more than ever, the opening of your wallet is a...

10 things you may have forgotten about twenty one pilots’ ‘Blurryface’

It's hard to believe that twenty one pilots' breakthrough album is five years old. Blurryface started out as being a manifestation of frontman Tyler Joseph's fears. It...

Here are 10 times Rage Against The Machine brought truth to power

Thirty years ago, Nirvana rose to historical status as the torchbearers of alternative rock. Their music conveyed the angst, cynicism and nihilism that defined Generation X. In...

Here’s 10 protest songs to keep you informed, inspired and united

The protest song is a classic art form that touches your head and your heart simultaneously. It makes no difference what country issued your passport. Whether it's...
QUEERCORE artists bandsvideo

These 9 queercore artists are moving awareness, art and moshpits forward

June 1 marks Pride Month 2020, the perfect reason to celebrate all things queercore. Our new APTV video throws some light on artists who have the songs...

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