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Interviews With Your Favorite Alt. Rock Artists, Top 10 Lists, Compilation Videos & More

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then videos are anthologies of boundless intrigue, insight and entertainment. Get exclusive artist interviews, new music video releases, unique movie perspectives, counter-culture compilations, countdowns and everything else from within the alternative rock world, courtesy of Alternative Press Magazine’s APTV.



Here are 10 things 2000s scene kids did that you’d never see happen today

Subculture customs—like fuel prices and the release dates of your favorite bands' records— are always subject to change. And nothing bears that out more than our video...

15 underrated scene bands you probably have on your old iPod

Remember when Fall Out Boy commanded you to "dance, dance"? How about the time you admitted to My Chemical Romance that you simply were "not OK"? All...

These 13 songs deserve some space on a ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ soundtrack

Videogame heads and skaters are massively stoked by the reboot of the legendary Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series. You know who else is excited? Music fans. The...

These are the 10 scene songs even our mothers would love

If we had a buck for every time our mothers roasted our music? We'd be writing this from our yacht parked in tax-free international waters. Which is...

Here are 10 times our favorite TV shows went way over the line

Who doesn't love television? When you were a toddler, it was an electronic babysitter. In your teen days, it brought you closer to the potential life that...

Here’s 20 things that make blink-182’s ‘Enema Of The State’ a classic

We're a little bit early, but who cares? Enema Of The State, the 1999 release from pop-punk royalty blink-182, will soon be 21. (June 1 to be...

These 15 crime-inspired songs made art as terrifying as real life

Most of us already know that life isn't about rainbows and unicorns. Nope. You can fall to your death sliding down a rainbow. You can get gored...

These 10 metal musicians may be the last honest politicians left

Did you ever notice how politicians are quick to blame rock 'n' roll for any perceived societal problem? As long as there's been rock, there's always been...

The lyrics of these 10 songs probably wouldn’t have been written in 2020

From grizzled punk icons to salacious young upstarts, sometimes, somebody's going to say the wrong thing. This video rundown of politically incorrect lyrics bears that out. There’s...
ENTER SHIKARI rou reynoldsvideo

Enter Shikari’s Rou Reynolds wants to help you meditate on things

Most bands talk a good game, but Enter Shikari are truly a work in progress. From the early “rave-core” action found on their 2007 debut, Take To...

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