Check out an exclusive premiere of the Front Bottoms' video for “Swimming Pool.” The band's self-titled debut album is out Sept. 6 on Bar/None. Here's what drummer Mathew Uychich has to say about the clip:

“The video captures a little piece of our lifestyles living day-to-day. Who cares if a pool is green? A little algae won't hurt; we'll still swim in it!  But as the lyrics say, the good things never last, so why not go big and pool-hop some nice pools, or go find a getaway in the woods with a slide in the waterfall? A simple swim can be mad nice, as well as a nice break.

Our friends Stephen Silbernagel and Dan Priore have always been kind enough to help us out when it comes to making our videos, so a big thanks for them for hanging around with us.

We hope you enjoy what we do.”