PVRIS chat with APTV Correspondent Caity Babcock in the Gibson Backstage Artist Lounge following their APMAs performance of “My House” with Tyler Carter from Issues. 

The trio talk about collaborating with Carter, their big breakthrough moments of the year on Warped Tour and what it feels like to be on Nikki Sixx's radar. 

They also delve into their own ghost stories, and well… Let's just say you might want to avoid bassist Brian MacDonald at night. 

“Long story short, Brian is haunted,” guitarist Alex Babinski says. 

Vocalist/guitarist Lynn Gunn continues: “He talks in his sleep, and he'll speak in different languages in his sleep and stuff like that. He makes crazy sounds that aren't snoring!”


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Interview: Caity Babcock
Video/Editing: Bobby Makar
Segment Producer: Cassie Whitt