Sleep On It on ‘Star Wars’ fan theories, shocking Fall Out Boy-related confession

August 7, 2019
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Sleep On It are set to take over the world with their upcoming sophomore LP, Pride & Disaster, but why have the world when you can have a galaxy far, far away?

In this APTV exclusive, Sleep On It lay out all of their Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker fan theories, give you a full preview of their new record and explain how to pronounce the name of their frontman, Zech Pluister. The answer may shock you! All this and more when we put Sleep On It On The Spot!

More on Sleep On It

The new era of Sleep On It is finally here! The band recently unveiled their brand new single “Under The Moment.” Shortly after, they shared a beautiful music video to accompany the track and the announcement of their new album.

The track is a follow-up to the band’s standalone single “Disconnected” released in 2018.

“At its core, the song is a cry for help,” vocalist Zech Pluister explains. “I spent a lot of the last year struggling with my depression and anxiety, and without even realizing it I had fallen deeper than I really even noticed into those things. ‘Take my hand pull me again’ is a plea to anyone listening.

“The song also really tells the story of the struggle between the denial of those mental health issues, saying you’re fine, lying to loved ones to cover for yourself; and asking those same people for hep from under the crushing weight of each day.”

“Under The Moment” is accompanied by an incredible music video directed by Miguel Barbosa. You can watch the brand new music video here.

Sleep On It also announced their forthcoming album Pride & Disaster, slated to drop Sept. 13 via Equal Vision Records.

“One of the big things we focused on when making this record was not only writing sad songs,” Pluister says. “Going along with the theme of growth, we wanted to show that there is more to life than just being sad. As hard as life is, there are still good days, and we really wanted that thought to b present in this record. It doesn’t seem fair to only portray the hard times.”

Pre-order bundles are available here.

Written by Bobby Makar