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Here are 10 times classic horror movies inspired badass rock songs

From classic rock to scene faves, these are the songs that pay the terror forward.

August 7, 2020
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Let’s think about this for a second. Why do we love horror movies? What makes the medium (and its attendant subgenres) so attractive? It’s doubtful anyone reading this would actually enjoy violent disfigurement or death at the hands of a deranged human or mythical monster. Perhaps it’s the idea of psychic release, the search for inner catharsis. That very pursuit is why people choose to become film directors and artists. This APTV clip brings those realms together. We’re listing 10 badass songs inspired by horror movies.

More often than not, a love of horror movies goes hand in hand with extreme music. Punk and metal have made extremity a cornerstone of their reason for being. How many rock and punk songs feature first-person narratives through the mind of a maniac? On the other side, how many come from the view of a victim? Are there more songs inspired by horror movies that are solely from a third-person narrative? (We don’t know; we never actually counted them all.)

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This list of songs inspired by horror movies has a few surprises. There are bands mentioned that you’d rarely (if ever) see us write about. (You may want to ask your parents about them.) Metal and punk icons are represented, and there are some classics from various scene faves, as well.

Spoiler alert: We purposely left the Misfits off of this video. The horror punk progenitors are the absolute kings of movie-reference rock. It’s obvious we wouldn’t be able to pick just one. We’re not throwing shade. It’s merely an overview of what other badass songs inspired by horror movies are out there. Obviously, there are more than 10. Listing all of them? Now that’s a scary proposition…

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