Every music lover has that one good song or album that’s ruined by a shitty time or person. For Stand Atlantic, everything from higher education to breakups have ruined beloved music. However, nothing tops bassist David Potter’s unexplainable, deep primal hatred for Swedish pop group ABBA.

Find out why ABBA was worse than Ronald Reagan, which Stand Atlantic song is tainted for singer/guitarist Bonnie Fraser and which jazz standard haunts drummer Jonno Panichi in this APTV exclusive.

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Stand Atlantic made our list of music moments we’re thankful for in 2018 with Creeper’s Hannah Greenwood. She joined the band on tour in one of the most ambitious crossover events ever.

Greenwood joined them for “Push” as they opened for Neck Deep’s fall tour, which is from their 2017 Sidewinder EP. However, she also appears on Stand Atlantic’s debut full-length, Skinny Dipping, on the song “Clay.”

Skinny Dipping also made our best albums of 2018 roundup as pop punk is certainly not dead if they have anything to say about it. On Skinny Dipping, the Australian alt-rock trio built upon the sound they first established on their 2017 Sidewinder EP. In turn, they delivered an impressive full-length debut from front to back.

While they certainly nailed the same catchy-as-hell hooks, they proved they’re not a one-trick pony. The trio pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone and embraced an arsenal of new sounds. From the first pounding sing-along (“Lavender Bones”) to the tongue-in-cheek lines (“Lost My Cool”) to relatable vulnerability (“Toothpick”), there truly isn’t a weak song in the bunch.