Jayden Panesso, frontman of Sylar, recently caught up with APTV at the Hopeless Records HQ to give us an exclusive deep dive into their stellar new record Seasons.

Panesso divulged why this is Sylar’s best effort to date. He even described it as the closest thing they’ve done to his original vision of the band. Panesso also explained why rapping on the record was the best way to deliver the full range of emotions they explore on Seasons in this APTV exclusive.

Previously, Panesso talked with AP about a huge change in his life: parenthood. Just before Seasons dropped, Panesso welcomed his daughter into the world.

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Panesso witnessed the arrival of his daughter between tours and recording for the band’s uncompromising and reflective upcoming album Seasons.

“It was pretty intense,” Panesso tells AP. “I was home for the first three months of the pregnancy, but after that, I was on the road the whole time.”

While making sure he didn’t miss the birth itself—a moment he calls “the greatest thing ever”—he otherwise kept his eyes on the prize. He stayed touring with Sylar and working on the new album the whole way through.