In this APTV video, the Ready Set's Jordan Witzigreuter talks about his new album, I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, which was released on April 8.

It's the first album Witzigreuter has produced on his own, after Hopeless Records gave him the freedom to create the work. “That's what I want to focus more on anyway, being able to have my distinct, super-unique kind of thing,” he says. “It sounds a lot more cohesive, I think, than stuff I've done in the past.”

The Ready Set have been up to creating more than just the album. The video for “I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love,” the title track off the album, shows Witzigreuter and his band dancing around in a colorfully-lit square room wearing animal masks. “When we were shooting, I was like, 'I kind of feel like Drake right now, honestly,'” says Witzigreuter.

Check out the video to hear what else Witzigreuter has to say about I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love!


Host/Editor: Nick Major
Videographer: Geoff Major