DevilDriver got robbed of a Guinness Book Of World Records spot

Frontman Dez Fafara explains the unknown parts of his band’s legend.

September 15, 2020
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When Dez Fafara put an end to the nü-metal unit Coal Chamber in 2003, nobody knew what he was up to. Today, the history is there. As frontman of DevilDriver, Fafara has been kicking all the ass while keeping his integrity intact for over two decades. With the impending release of DevilDriver’s ninth album, Dealing With Demons I, we thought there was more history about the band that didn’t require a swimming pool-sized spirit board or taking someone out in the middle of the desert at 4 in the morning. Fortunately for us, Farfara casually dished 10 things you didn’t know about DevilDriver. We here at APTV are proud to report that nobody got hurt.

Fafara starts out by bringing up moments about DevilDriver’s early days. He had a problem with the original name of the band his then-label couldn’t fix. (He fills us in on the shoutout he pulled off on one of the songs.) Back then, Fafara was burning the rock candles at both ends, with just enough time to have dinner. There was also an instrument in the original lineup you didn’t see in metal bands too much back then. One of his proudest and frustrating moments? Being robbed of an entry in the Guinness World Records book. Let’s just say this: We’ve voyaged into space, but we still don’t have the technology to measure the size of a mosh pit. Seriously, stop reading and let Dez explain it to you.

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Given his conviction toward his art, Fafara might have a cupboard filled with “World’s Best Dad” mugs. As a bandleader, he helped birth new vistas in both groove and death metal. As an actual father of young sons, Fafara made sure his metal-AF attitude was passed down to his children. That act is inextricably linked to DevilDriver’s legacy. 

When Fafara ends his list, he doesn’t do it with a fact. He does it with a flex. If you’ve ever heard DevilDriver at their mightiest or their weirdest, you will understand him perfectly.

Written by Alternative Press Magazine