Beta State drew inspiration from a dream drummer Adrian Robison had about their band being in the show Breaking Bad for their new video for “Clean Slate.”

Robison says, “I got out of bed and wrote the bulk of the treatment until about 7am.  I presented the idea to the guys thinking it would be shot down–I thought it was too crazy of a concept for them to approve of it.

“Instead they unanimously agreed that this needed to be our next video.  After finding our director Angelo Ibanez, we quickly brushed up on 4.5 seasons of Breaking Bad to see how many cool references we could put in there.  There is a ton of very subtle and not subtle Breaking Bad references littered throughout the video.  I think it would be fun to see how many references people can point out.”

Can you spot the references? List them in the comments! 

“Clean Slate” comes from the band's latest album #FRIENDSHIP.