Five Iron Frenzy are set to release Engine Of A Million Plots, their first full-length album in ten years, on November 26.  In their new music video for the song “Zen And The Art Of Xenophobia,” FIF give us a satirical look at inward-looking American culture.

On the nature of the video, lead vocalist Reese Roper says:

“‘Zen And The Art Of Xenophobia’ is a satirical jab at the insular nature of Americans, the tendency that we as a culture have to fear outsiders and outside influence. We thought it would be humorous to illustrate the point further by shooting a video of what seems to be the most dysfunctional High School history play that one could imagine. Hilarity ensues, as this low-budget school play explodes from the stage into the seats, much like it will from your stereos into the streets.”

Check out the APTV exclusive premiere of the “Zen And The Art Of Xenophobia” music video.

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