Today we're bringing you an exclusive premiere of On The Fifty's new video for “The Future.” The song comes from the band's upcoming EP, Fast Hands, Bad Timing, which was produced by Bayside's Anthony Raneri and will be out on September 18. The video features some hilarious moments that anyone who went through their teenage years can relate to. Below you can read a statement from guitarist Tom Dambro:

“I'm a huge fan of Seinfeld and I kind of got this concept for a 'video about nothing.'  'The Future' is a song that was written from a really honest place, kind of about putting things off, letting life pass you by, and being too scared to go for the things you want because of possible failure.  The topic is heavy in a way, but we're a band that prides ourselves in our ability to not take ourselves too seriously, so I came up with these ideas for our individual scenes to kind of zero in on the things people do every day that they don't really talk about but can get in the way of important shit.  It's kind of a story about the little nothings that we do that may distract us from the bigger picture. We wanted to make it really accurate so everything was filmed in our own houses and in the place where we practice. Keith Megna, the Director was so great to work with, he supported our ideas and was so spontaneous. We shot over three days and laughed so much our heads hurt for days afterwards. We really hope everyone enjoys it, because we had the time of our lives making it.”