Hawthorne Heights have paired up with AP to bring you the artwork and full tracklisting of their upcoming ambitious concept album, Zero. Produced by Brian Virtue, who has also worked with Thirty Seconds To Mars, the band's fifth full-length ise set for release June 25.

Hawthorne Heights - Zero cover artwork | Alternative PressZero
1. Skeletons Remain (Transmission 1)
2. Memories of Misery
3. Darkside
4. Spark
6. Anywhere But Here
7. Hollow Hearts Unite
8. Coalition Of Alternate Living Methods (Broadcast)
9. Golden Parachutes
10. Put Me Back Together
11. Strangers
12. Ghost Town
13. Lost In The Calm
14. Taken By The Dark
15. Over And Out (Transmission 2)

Artwork designed by Jeff Chenault in collaboration with HH frontman JT Woodruff.

“Just to give everyone a bit of insight on the concept behind the record — Zero, at its core, is a story of good and evil,” explains drummer Eron Bucciarelli. “The setting is a dystopian future where a totalitarian corporation has risen to power in the wake of a disaster, “The Fires”. Zero is an account of the events from the perspective of the main character in the story, “Baker”.  The album's tracklisting is based upon those events.

“The story takes place in 2017 — or so THEY would like you to believe. In reality, the year is 2015. The people know little, they're angry, and they know something isn't right; that they've been lied to! Life used to be so nice, they used to be kids – driving around with friends, listening to music – no cares in the world. And as bad as things would sometimes get back then, they are nothing in comparison to what the people are experiencing now. This is only the tip of the iceberg. To delve deeper into the story, you'll have to delve deeper into Zero.”