Earlier this week, The Republic Of Wolves released their sophomore album, No Matter How Narrow. Today, they bring its third track and first single, “Spare Key” to the small screen with this bronze-bathed visual companion directed by Mason Maggio and produced by R. Spencer Fink. 

“Writing and recording 'Spare Key' was a unique experience for us in the studio, because it was the first time that we allowed ourselves to totally disregard our own expectations,” the band told AP. “We created something we thought was fun and interesting, without consciously trying to fit it into any boxes. It wasn't until pretty late that we decided to use it as a lead single for the album, since we figured that it would be a refreshing way to show people that we were expanding our sound and trying new things. 

“We wrote, filmed, and edited the music video entirely independently, with some cinematography help from a friend of ours. We ventured out into a marsh in Eastern Long Island for the narrative portion of the video, and had to be really careful with the timing because the ground was only dry during low tide.

Toward theend of filming we were ankle-deep in freezing water, carrying heavy boxes of props around–it was entirely unglamorous. We shot the performance portion at this beautiful mansion located at Dowling University on Long Island, a spot we only managed to secure because a friend of ours is enrolled there.

We wanted the two parts of the video to reflect a shifting dichotomy of materialism and luxury versus nature and simplicity.The storyline is really obscure and open to interpretation, which was an intentional reflection of our lyrical style.”