Dave Grohl has hung up his guitar for a while to pursue the world of documentary filmmaking. His debut film, Sound City, features a number of artists and producers discussing the legendary Sound City studio in Van Nuys, California, considered by many to be the benchmark of analog recording. Sound City’s reputation is firmly ensconced in rock music history, where classic rockers (Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young), metal legends (Metallica, Guns ’N’ Roses) and alt-rock avatars (Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine) have created career-pinnacle recordings.

When Sound City announced its closing, Grohl purchased the facility’s Neve 8028 recording console. The Foo Fighters frontman’s personal connection to the studio goes back over two decades when, as a member of Nirvana, he recorded the 1991 multi-million selling, game-changing classic, Nevermind. Out of respect to its cultural significance, Grohl commenced filming various artists and recording professionals talking about the studio. In the clip above, Grohl gets the members of Weezer to talk about their personal rock histories. (Find out which member liked Barry Manilow and which ones preferred Quiet Riot.)

Roswell Films, a division of Grohl's Roswell Records label, will distribute the film. For more information regarding Sound City—including Grohl's vision for the film and breaking news on the project’s completion—head over to www.soundcitymovie.com.