Video Premiere: Yard Of Blondes, “Murderology”

March 7, 2013
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Directed by Ronan Lagadec, the video for title track from Yard Of Blondes upcoming debut EP Murderology (to be release March 26) follows lovers on a journey in a way you may not expect. Yard Of Blondes vocalist Vincent Walter Jacob explains the concept behind the video and the influence of 19th-century murder ballads on their upcoming EP. 

“The concept and inspiration behind the tracks on the Murderology EP come from 19th-century murder ballads and The Symphony Fantastique wrote by French composer Hector Berlioz. “Murder Ballads” and the aforementioned piece involve the story of a man in love with a girl, but in the end the man ends up murdering her.

“We thought it would be a great way to express strong feelings with a wide range. In the video, you can see a young married couple on their honeymoon trip in the desert, except–the girl is dead. The guy is acting like everything was normal (having a wedding cake, driving around town…). In the end, we discover he is going to visit a shaman lost in the high desert. We suppose he comes to the shaman to bring his wife back to life, but the shaman ends up poisoning the man so the couple can reunite in death.

“Murder ballads are an old genre of music which appeared first in Europe and then became successful in America during the 19th Century. Traditionally, they were folk songs describing murder, either from the perspective of the victim or from the murderer. Also, very often in these songs, the victim and the murderer were related. I like this concept because it's a great breeding ground for art as it deals with the frontier between love/ madness/life/death.”

You can also hear “Murderology” on the band's Facebook page. Like them to listen and download!

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Written by Cassie Whitt