Our friends at LessonFace have paired with AP to bring you a three-part video music lesson series in rock composition, taught by Duane Denison of the Jesus Lizard and Tomahawk.

Sometimes the hardest part of creating is finding a place to start. In lesson one, Denison guides you through practical questions you can ask yourself to find your starting point and direction.

LessonFace is an online music education portal, where you can take live, online music lessons in everything from guitar to beatboxing and even Ableton and Pro Tools with renowned music educators, Grammy-nominees, rock stars, rappers and more (browse LessonFace’s educators). In short, it’s nothing like getting your knuckles ruler-smacked by the eh-ehm friendly neighborhood piano lady.

If you like this video series, you can book a lesson with Denison in electric or acoustic guitar.