Watch: Rome, “Terrorista” (Beyond The Video)

January 16, 2014
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Rome of Sublime With Rome recently released his new single “Terrorista” last month, following up his 2012 Dedication EP. Check out the making of the song's video today exclusively on AltPress.

“'Terrorista' is a song written about being boxed into the expectations of others, and how you should not conform to what society wants of you,” Ramirez told AP. “It’s truly about being yourself, and standing for what you believe in, because there is always going to be someone wanting to take that away from you.

“I’ve spent my whole life so far making every decision for myself, and I wouldn’t go back on any of them.  With the video, I really wanted to portray that message in a totally left-field manner, so I called my good friend Paul Coy Allen, who has directed videos of mine in the past.  I told him I wanted the video to be different, and to use bright colors and make it frantic, so we came up with the idea of a family turning on each other diabolically.  The symbolism is incredible!”

Written by Cassie Whitt