Have you wanted to see Save The Day live? We might not be able to help you with tickets, but we can come close with this APTV video.

For a year-and-a-half starting in 2011, AP hosted a series of live performance videos we titled simply “The AP Sessions.” The goal of the series was to recreate the intimate and emotional connection artists have with their music. 

 For the series, the then-closed Agora Theatre opened its doors to us, and a crew of Cleveland pros took to the stage with artists to create the productions you see here. 

 In case you've missed them in the past, start here, and watch the rest of the series in our AP Sessions playlist.

 Watch Saves The Day run through a handful of their songs, including “Anywhere With You,” “Freakish,” “Let It All Go” and a cover of Led Zepellin's “Rock And Roll.” The live performance shows the band dancing around an old stage, taking only a couple of short breaks between their songs.

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