Whether you love them or are still working to get to that level, one thing is certain: Waterparks know how to write songs that will worm their way through your ears, dye your brain neon green and never leave. 

Of course, we all know and love “Stupid For You,” Blonde” and “Turbulent.” But in this APTV exclusive, the trio choose some of their personal fave Waterparks tracks they feel haven’t gotten the attention they rightfully deserve. We are quite positive you’ll find new reasons to love or hate their choices. Ever the control freak (or is “cool-trol”?), Awsten Knight vows to buy back the rights to his previous records to reintroduce his choices for singles. Being the good sport that he is, APTV’s Bobby Makar didn’t have the heart to tell him it won’t work. But Knight’s desire to be a record label A&R man is something that will not be denied. You see, this is the guy who wanted to tour with Smash Mouth.

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At any given moment, Awsten Knight’s headspace runs like a professional-grade stove with 20 burners on high. So when he goes on a tangent, hold on for the ride. He lets loose by goofing on local acts by starting with the dumbest band name he can think of and creating the legend in front of the APTV cameras. Knight even FaceTimes a bud to assist in the merriment, as Waterparks members Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood wait patiently.

But wait, there’s more! Knight takes the filter off when it comes to sharing his hatred of the term “pop punk.” He then lays down an edict that Wood had better heed or there will be hell to pay. Or did he mean “toupeé”? Tomaysso, tomahsso, let’s call the whole thing Waterparks on APTV. More fun than a band named after something that kills good people…