Every music lover has that one good song or album that’s ruined by a shitty time or person. For Awsten Knight of Waterparks, the very idea of associating negative feelings with a song that has absolutely nothing to do with your personal emotional attachment is cruel, stupid and unjust, but he can’t help but do it himself.
In this APTV exclusive, the Parx Boys dish which songs they associate with lousy people, breakups, over-practice and all around bad vibes. Find out which modern day alternative rock classic makes Geoff Wigington “stressed out” every time he hears it and more when Waterparks reveal their ruined music.
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Waterparks recently drove their fanbase nuts with some cryptic tweets, leading to some awesome fan theories and interactions.

Conspiracy theories are nothing new for the Waterparks fandom. However, the band themselves seem to be the instigators of the latest theory that has us shook to our core.

On Twitter, the band tweeted out a picture of a signed T-shirt. However, Waterparks zoomed in on the time stamp of the screenshotted tweet and compared it to their music video for “We Need To Talk.” In the music video, the number on the door also reads, “103.”

That said, many fans think Waterparks may be hinting at something crucial to their future releases. However, some think the band are just light-heartedly mocking the fandom’s super-sleuth abilities.

After they began teasing a conspiracy theory of their own, we spent an ample amount of time thinking about what everything could mean. Yesterday, the band unveiled a cryptic tweet that honed in on the the number “103” from their “We Need To Talk” music video.

However, while it was originally thought to have little to do with the deletion of rumored album Friendly Reminder, we are starting to put the pieces together through a variety of fan theories.

Check out our perfectly compiled stash of theories here.

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