Every music lover has that one good song or album that’s ruined by a shitty time or person. For Watsky, a beloved hip hop group will forever be attached to one long night of fake I.D.s, musty champagne and deeply disappointing his mom.

In this APTV exclusive, Watsky recollects a terrible date-turned drinking and driving PSA that has attached a taste as sour as ’70s cob-webbed champagne to his favorite late night talk show band.

Watsky came to fame through the internet, releasing songs into the YouTube universe. The rapper sprung to fame in 2011, with a viral video titled “Pale kid raps fast.”

Since then, Watsky’s put out several hip-hop albums, with the last one being x Infinity in 2016. The rapper has also made appearances on the show Epic Rap Battles of History and even came out with his own book in 2016 titled How To Ruin Everything. 

Most recently, Watsky reunited with his band Invisible Inc. to go on tour and release a new album titled Fine Print, which was released in March 2018.

After that, the alternative hip-hop artist and slam poet started his nationwide headlining Welcome To The Family tour. The tour will be supported by Chukwudi Hodge and Feed The Birds will support. Fans can purchase their tickets on George Watsky’s website.

In addition to touring, Wasky has recently released two new, unique singles, “Welcome To The Family” and “All Like Whatever.” The rapper also announced plans to release a new solo record, Complaint. While the album is definitely happening in the next couple months, we don’t have a specific date as of yet. At least we have these songs to tide us over.