Wounds, who are among our 100  Bands Your Need To Know This Year, debut their video for “Dead Road” exclusively on APTV.

In their new video, which shifts between performance footage and narrative, Wounds depict a bloody, decay-laden story of regret through a life falling into disrepair.

If you think you heard a familiar voice in this song, you—apt-eared viewer—are correct. “Dead Road” features Ian D’Sa of Billy Talent.

“This is the first song I ever had the guts to sing, and it'll be the last song I’ll ever sing,” says frontman Aiden Coogan. “I think the world will see the emotion attached in the video and the regret and pain of never telling you loved someone while they were still around. It's a pretty literal song but its reality and the one certainty in life is death and I find that fascinating”

Find “Dead Road” on Wounds’ debut album Die Young, which they released independently last year.