While no official statement has been issued, it appears that Buffalo pop band Cute Is What We Aim For have finally come to an end after a particularly tumultuous four-year career. While he gave no explanation for his decision, vocalist Shaant Hacikyan posted the following to his Twitter account earlier this week: "I'm going solo.Thank you for every inkling of support."

Bassist Dave Melillo shed some light on the situation in a recent interview, saying, "At the beginning of August I let Shaant know I was leaving the band... At the beginning of July Mikey, Jeff, some family friends, and I sat down with Shaant. We told him the things he needed to change as far as attitude and demeanor goes. I want to make it known that I shut him out of my life after that. He needed to be on his own if he was going to do anything positive for himself. There was not a visible change in his attitude or work ethic when I got back to Buffalo, so I decided to live my own life."

While no official remarks have been given by guitarist Jeff Czum, Melillo also confirms that Czum quit the band at the same time as he did.

This is not CIWWAF's first lineup change in their somewhat brief life as a band; bassist Fred Cimato left the group in October 2006, only to be replaced by Jack Marin, who also quit mid-tour in April 2007 only to be replaced by Cimato. Cimato again quit the band in early 2008, with Melillo stepping in for him. In September 2008, drummer Tom Falcone quit the band in the middle of a Canadian tour. He was never permanently replaced.

If the band ever make an official statement regarding their status, we will bring it to you. Their last album was 2008's Rotation.