This is not a drill Bring Me The Horizon fans, it looks like the band might be making their long-awaited return.

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The billboard reads the following: “Do you wanna start a cult with me?” Along with the proposition of starting a cult, there's also a logo the band has used in the past on the top corners of the billboard.

There's also what appears to be a new logo for the band at the bottom corners of the billboard, with a phone number attached. 

Unfortunately for us, we can't actually call the number as it is only available in the U.K., but, according to Rocksound, the phone number plays pre-recorded "spiritual advice and guidance" before leading to a clip of what could be new music from the band.

Additionally, there's also a website,, that you can visit, which, further gives a clue to what all of this could mean.

The new website, that features the suspected new logo, seems to be a recruitment for the previously mentioned cult, Mantra. There, you will also notice that salvation is coming in 11 days (Aug. 21!)

"But these things too have answers. And all we tell you now is that you can be free.
But first, we must piss you off.
Salvation will return.
21 August 2018"

What could all of this mean? Will we finally be getting new Bring Me The Horizon music on Aug. 21?!

What do you think is going on with the band? Let us know your theories below!

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