Great news for fans of AriZona beverages. The mega-popular drink brand will soon be selling one of them with alcohol.

Starting as just a rumor, but now confirmed by AriZona, a hard version of the popular Green Tea flavor is being tested in Canada.

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With the massive success of hard seltzer brands like White Claw and Truly, companies are all looking for the next big craze in the alcohol market.

Thus far, Twisted Tea has pretty much controlled the market when it comes to iced tea flavored malt liquor. Golf icon John Daly owns a special place in the hard tea market with his Grip It & Sip It hard tea and half and half flavors of malt liquor.

The reviews on that are generally mixed by Daly is well-renowned amongst the golf industry so his beverage remains a mainstay.

So, given that at best, two companies make up the alcoholic tea market, it only makes sense for the O.G. of iced tea to stake a claim. And what better way than with their perfect honey and ginseng Green Tea flavor in that beautiful green and pink can.

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A photo of the cans surfaced but it was just a rumor until AriZona officially confirmed it last month.

The drinks are currently being tested in Canada but assuming they do well, hopefully we'll see them stocked in the United States soon enough.

The only sad news regarding the product is that it probably won't be only $0.99 for the classic 23oz. can. Who knows though? Maybe AriZona will throw us a bone in this time of crisis.

AriZona has dipped their toes into the alcohol market before by partnering with MillerCoors to launch the hard version of their Arnold Palmer beverage called Arnold Palmer Spiked. The half iced tea, half lemonade product continues to sell well in the United States.

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We really hope that AriZona tests out some of their other products too. We can't imagine something more refreshing than a hard Mucho Mango or Grapeaid AriZona during the summer months.

In August of 2019, AriZona also announced their partnership with Dixie Brands Inc., a leading cannabis consumer packaged goods company. The drink company announced they’ll be making THC-infused products including gummies, drinks and more.

Are you excited for AriZona Hard Green Tea? Tell us in the comments below!

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