Artery Recordings is bringing the brutality back into black metal with its new signing.

Meet Pugtopsy, a new black metal group fronted by the one—and only—Pupcake. They’re premiering their newest single here at AP.

Listen to “Snorts Of Sorrow” below.

“Snugubugbu. [snort sounds.] Rooooooooof,” Pupcake the pug says about his inspiration for this song. “[More snort sounds.] Pleeeehhh."

This roughly translates to "metal just isn't evil enough anymore.” Pupcake wants to remind all the metal bands out there the true definition of brutality: Pugtopsy.

Artery Recordings President Shan Dan Horan says, “The first time I tried to sign Pugtopsy, Pupcake [vocals] peed on my floor. I thought 'wow, this dude is an absolute rockstar and just doesn’t give a shit.'”

What a massive signing for April 1.

You can buy the song here, and get a pugtopsy shirt here. On a more serious note, the profits from the shirt are going to Neüterhead: Ace of Spays, a non-proft that raises funds to assist responsible pet rescue groups with the costs of spaying and neutering.

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