Kentucky's Artifex Pereo are gearing up to release their debut album Time In Place on Tooth & Nail Records May 27. If you like bands like the Receiving End Of Sirens, Envy On The Coast and Circa Survive, you're going to love what this six-piece has in store.

"Apeiron" is a loosely structured track that was put together in a thoughtful, exploratory way by the band and ended up without a chorus. "Oops. We tend to forget about those from time to time," says guitarist/vocalist Jamie Davis.

"[It's] a jam session that gets less and less worried about structure as it progresses," Davis says. "I think we tend to find comfort in made up structures like that as displayed by  the fact that there is very little formula applied throughout our albums thus far. But with this particular song, it seems especially fitting because it's meant to be a sort of epiphany; as if you were sitting there, zoning out while this scenario plays through your head until you're snapped back to reality, right where you started."

Stream "Apeiron" and learn what the track is about below and tell us what you think.

Vocalist Lucas Worley explains the philosophical meaning behind "Apeiron:"

"Apeiron is greek term for 'the infinite'—the absolute possibility of anything. The idea that time is nothing but a human quantification of something unexplainable. We are all victims of cause and effect and the simple beauty of that is something we should all stop and take a moment to be a part of. There is always a factor that initiates a reaction and it can be something that is more simple than the time you get out of bed in the morning, a literal interpretation of time, as experienced by human beings.

We invest so much in 'the time' we feel like we have 'here,' that we often forget to spend time within a current moment. The incarnation of literal 'time' is something solely unique to human beings, and we look at it so much more linearly than any other species on the planet. We realize the way that we perceive time is based on assumptions we are not qualified to make. We are all part of the eternal flow."