Another exciting episode of Artist Friendly returns this Wednesday. Following recent interviews with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, all three members of Chase Atlantic, Zeph, and more, this week Joel Madden is joined by Australian musician Ben Lee.

With over 10 solo albums to his name, Lee has remained busy since kicking off his musical career in the alt-rock outfit Noise Addict in 1993 (a band that captured the attention of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Beastie Boys’ Mike D when he was only a teenager). He’s also collaborated with author Tom Robbins for B Is for Beer: The Musical and scored HBO’s TV series Camping. In the episode, the pair dive into parenthood, being a mentor for the next generation, and Lee’s favorite artist of all time.

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You’ll be able to listen to their conversation on Artist Friendly when it hits streaming wherever you listen to podcasts this Wednesday. Before it arrives, make sure you’re caught up on all the episodes of Artist Friendly here and continue checking Alternative Press for more announcements and exclusive content related to the podcast.