This week, Artist Friendly invites another longtime alternative music fan onto the podcast. Actor and musician Tyler Posey, who’s known for his solo work, former pop-punk bands, and role on Teen Wolf, joins Joel Madden for an interview this week. Posey follows recent episodes with Kxllswxtch, Drain, Anti-Flag, Pete Wentz, and others.

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Posey, who’s been a fan of and making pop-punk music his entire life, is set to release his latest album, UNRAVEL, on May 26. The lead single “Lemon.” arrived earlier this year and also appeared in his most recent film Teen Wolf: The Movie.

The Artist Friendly interview arrives on streaming wherever you listen to podcasts this Wednesday. Before it debuts, make sure you’re caught up on all the episodes of Artist Friendly here and continue checking Alternative Press for more announcements and exclusive content related to the podcast.