Every now and then, the AP crew like to pass our interview mics off to artists, letting them ask the questions they as musicians know they would like to answer.

Recently, we’ve done that with the Menzingers and Bouncing Souls, and if you remember our Riot Fest coverage from 2013, you’ll recall the inaugural APTV interview conducted by today’s host Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.) with Dan “Soupy” Campbell from the Wonder Years.

This time around, Weiss sits down with Chris Simpson of Mineral to chat about the first Mineral tour in 17 years—the crowds, the culture shocks and the venues that have died in the time since they played there.

They also talk about Mineral’s original breakup, the fans who got into the band posthumously and old-school fans.

“I think we were young in the sense that we didn’t understand how special the success and connection Mineral was having was at the time,” Simpson says. “[We might have thought] we can just take a little break and go do something else, and we’ll pick up right where we left off.”