Memphis May Fire's Matty Mullins and Emarosa's Bradley Walden sit down with APTV for an Artist-On-Artist interview in which they discuss the pressure Walden felt taking on the iconic role former Emarosa vocalist Jonny Craig held in the band.

"The first time, I actually turned it down, because I knew what I was going to be signing up for, and it sucked," Walden admits. "It still does suck sometimes because people forget that you're a person, like 'Jonny...' this and 'The band will never be...' whatever, and you're always going to have those people. I was nervous all the way up until the album came out and did the best opening week that Emarosa's ever had. I was like, 'Shut up, everyone,'" he jokes. 

They also talk about growth as artists and authenticity.

“We’re human beings who keep growing,” Mullins says. “We’re not just ‘rock stars.’ We’re people who have a really cool opportunity to do something cool, and we’re just getting better at it day-by-day.”