Way back in our January, 2016 Andy Black issue, the Black Veil Brides frontman lauded Creeper as one of his favorite new bands. So when he announced his solo UK tour, it came as no surprise that he chose them as his opener. 

In this sit-down, Biersack and Creeper vocalist Will Gould bond over punk, the aesthetics of rock music, Misfits, the APMAs and more. 

The two discuss the origins of their onstage looks, with Biersack's high school experience of not being able to wear band shirts without being suspended guiding him and Gould's wanting to be in the Ramones growing up guiding him. 

"We're in a conversation about aesthetics, and there will be people who will watch this and say, 'Oh, they only care about aesthetics' or whatever," Biersack says, a perception he finds unfortunate.

Adds Gould, "It's to try to make it look like how it sounds, and to try and reflect what we're talking about." 

Black also tells Gould about the experience of going to the APMAs to prep him for his coming to the ceremony this year! 

Creeper are nominated for Best Underground Band and CC Coma is up for Best Drummer! You have until July 1 to vote!