Alternative Press is back again with our end-of-the-year celebration. Hopefully you know the drill already, but if you haven’t heard, we asked each artist we interviewed for our December 2021 issue to answer two specific questions: what was the best thing you heard in 2021, and who should we look out for in 2022? This time around, we're looking at some of the artists to watch in 2022. We pulled together recommendations from our conversation, giving you a preview on some of the artists that others in the industry think are poised for an impressive year.

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In the first two parts of this series, we heard from everyone from Lynn Gunn to K.Flay on their favorite music from 2021. Some artists showed their similar taste in music. Pink Siifu and Awsten Knight both spoke highly of Kanye West’s Donda, while DE’WAYNE and Maggie Lindemann couldn’t get enough of PinkPantheress

To round out our series, we will be diving into who these artists think we should all be on the lookout for in 2022. Check out what beabadoobee, chloe moriondo and more had to say below.


There’s no way to tell. Everyone is one song away from being the next 24kGoldn. There’s a new song every day on TikTok that is blowing up and could be the next one, but I don’t know. If I did know, I would sign them right now.


I would love to see BLACKSTARKIDS blow up. I feel like their new album is insane. I am on tour with them right now, and listening to their music every night has been a dream. I think they are going to have a massive year. I also think No Rome is going to have a big year. He is such an incredible human being and artist.


I’ve been listening to this band Provoker. They’re this post-punk band. They’re really cool. I have a song with them, a couple songs now that we’re working on. They’re really good. 

chloe moriondo

There are two people that immediately come to mind. The first is PinkPantheress. She’s blowing up already but is making some really cool stuff, and I love the new music she is coming out with now as well. I also think Girlpuppy is going to have a big year. They’re getting a lot of cool attention that is very deserved.

Maggie Lindemann

I’m really obsessed with PinkPantheress right now. I feel like everyone is. I can’t wait to see what she does next year. I love the music video she just put out and love all her music. I also love Greta Van Fleet and Teenage Disaster. Excited to see what they do and [the] new stuff they come out with. I really wanted to see Greta live, but I was on tour during their L.A. show, but hopefully next year.

Tilian of Dance Gavin Dance

King Gizzard! [This year] was the first time I had heard them, and I got a little bit obsessed. I was like, “Hmm, what are they like live?” So I watched some live videos, and they flow really well together onstage.

Remi Wolf

Dora Jar, who I love. She just opened for me at the Moth Club in London. She’s amazing. She has a song called “Polly.” Really amazing. She’s doing really, really sick, innovative, awesome stuff. So I would keep my eyes out for her. I think she’s definitely going to be releasing new music.

Pink Siifu

Turich Benjy. That’s my brother. He all over GUMBO’!, too. He’s just crazy, so creative. Everything he do. ZelooperZ, same energy. He just jumps in the booth and does his thing all the time. I’m really excited to see what Bruiser Brigade do as a clique in 2022. I feel like they coming together, like Danny Brown and ZelooperZ and his people. I feel like they’re doing a lot more group shit. Then my folks GKFAM, I definitely want folks to look out for them. B. Cool-Aid. And Paris Texas, they fire. I’m excited to see what they do.


My favorite band, easily, from this year has been Wet Leg. I think they’re going to be superstars. I think they’re already superstars. They have that song “Chaise Longue.” They’re fire. I remember [BBC Radio 1 DJ] Jack Saunders played both of our stuff on there. I was hanging out with my shorty, and then she was [playing] it, and then I was like, “OK,” and I just got hooked on it. They only have two songs. They’re outstanding.

Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills

I think that Lorna Shore is really cool. Very heavy, sort of death- and almost black-metal influences. It’s nice to see that there they are gaining a lot of traction. We took them out, maybe six or seven years ago when they were just starting out, and it’s nice to see that they are getting a lot of mainstream recognition. As much mainstream recognition as you can get for being that heavy.