As I Lay Dying have released a lengthy half-hour long video where they discuss the return of their “classic” lineup.

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After releasing a statement on their official accounts last Monday (June 11), the band promised to give an in-depth explanation of the reasoning behind their return later in the week. Last night (June 16), the band posted a video detailing their return.

The band's frontman, Tim Lambesis started the conversation, explaining how he began to open communication with the band, by saying:

So there’s a lot of awareness of things that happened very recently in music and stuff. And then last year there’s an awareness of the public apology in my expression of remorse. But behind all that, there was the individual conversations we had and it was, for me, expressing remorse publicly, it’s one thing that will be shown very slowly over time, people have to kind of get to know and see if they can trust that I was sincere or not.

But in terms of the individual conversations, those went back even a year and a half before the public apology, almost two years before that. And those conversations were much more in-depth than anything we could ever like explain, you know, even this discussion or a written public statement or anything like that.

So, I first reached out to Jordan and Josh because I felt like that was just... I had to start somewhere and I felt like that seemed the most natural place for me. And I reached out to them in an email a long time ago and the first individual conversations we had were mainly me listening so that I could better express my apology for the ways that everything, like I, guess what the concept I talked about, the ripple effect.

There's the obvious wrongdoings that I made and then there's the little ways that they sort of spread out beyond that and hurt people in so many ways that I really wasn't entirely aware of until I got home. And those conversations kicked off, and I was able to sort of better understand what they'd been through and I think more sincerely apologize because of that."

After opening the discussion, each member of the band took a moment throughout the video to not only discuss life after Lambesis’ prison sentence but what their stance was during that time.

Watch the full video below:

The band recently premiered their new track titled “My Own Grave,” on their Facebook page, where they also announced a live show at the SOMA Sidestage in San Diego, California on June 16.

On June 8, it was also revealed that the band will be returning with their “classic” lineup of Nick Hipa, Josh Gilbert, Jordan Mancino, Phil Sgrosso and frontman Tim Lambesis.

Listen to “My Own Grave” below:

The band ended their lengthy career back in May 2014, when the band’s frontman Tim Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison for a charge of solicitation of murder after he tried to hire a hitman in a murder-for-hire plot against his then-wife.

Per a report from Metal Injection, Lambesis only served two and a half years of his prison sentence before getting out early 2017. Since then, he has released an apology and has tried to make a comeback with the band.

After being relatively quiet since Lambesis’ release, on June 1, the band’s official Facebook page changed their profile picture to what we can only assume is a possible album cover and they uploaded a 45-second teaser of the video above.

As I Lay Dying hasn’t released a new album since their sixth studio album, 2012’s Awakened.

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