As It Is vocalist Patty Walters made a video on Twitter, sharing that he and Palaye Royale guitarist Sebastian Danzig made up in regards to a series of tweets discussing mental health.

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After meeting and having a conversation at Vans Warped Tour, Walters says that he forgives Danzig for the misunderstanding.

“We’ve crossed paths here at the Vans Warped Tour today and clarified and settled all that needed to be clarified and settled between each other,” Walters says. “We have reached a point of mutual understanding and forgiveness and that is fucking amazing.”

Additionally, the singer explained why it was important to have conversations about mental health.

“I don’t talk about my experiences or these things to be met with unanimous agreement or applause,” Walters says. “I do it because there are still stigmas and misconceptions regarding mental health, regarding depression, anxiety and suicide that we need to eradicate, destroy and overcome as a society. And we can only do that when we have a conversation. Conversations can’t be had with a single rant or a handful of tweets. Ultimately, we have to listen to each other.”

Well said, Patty.

Earlier this week, Walters expressed his beliefs regarding mental health while onstage at Vans Warped Tour.

“The thing about things like mental illness, depression and anxiety is that they don’t discriminate,” Walters says. “It happens to regular people, just like you and just like me. And just because I’m living my dream up here doesn’t mean I’m not a human being.”
Danzig then subtweeted the As It Is vocalist, saying “Heard the most ridiculous thing today. Some singer complained about getting on stage everyday. I get it anxiety is what people deal with everyday but there are so many people that would kill to be in your position. You get to play “your” music to a crowd everyday. Suck it up.” After coming under fire, Danzig retracted his statement and apologized.
The two bands will be on the remainder of Warped Tour.

08/03 — Orlando, FL @ Tinker Field
08/04 — Tampa, FL @ MidFlorida Ampitheater
08/05 — West Palm Beach, FL @ Coral Sky Ampitheatre