New Years Day singer Ash Costello took to Twitter today to discuss issues the band have been facing in regards to meet and greets at their shows.

Costello started off a series of posts by highlighting how some fans make the experience difficult due to inappropriate behaviour including requesting to kiss her or complaining members can't make it due to physical injuries.

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New Years Day aren't the only band to experience issues with fans pushing boundaries though. Panic! At The Disco main man Brendon Urie's "death walk" where he walks among the crowd during “Death Of A Bachelor” and shakes hands or even hugs them became a topic of discussion after Urie had to threaten to stop doing it.

Despite the warning, the following day
another warning had to be made
Now, the New Years Day member is highlighting issues surrounding fans hugging the band at meet and greets. At the moment, coronavirus is spreading around Europe and guitarist Nikki Misery has apparently hurt his ankle, yet some fans have complained about the format of meet and greets despite these issues.

While Costello is trying to raise a point of certain fans being over demanding, she also points out that she wants to do more for fans but simply can't.

The singer also raises the point that some fans have made extremely inappropriate remarks asking if they can kiss her at these events.

She also raises a very good point about petty complaints that get raised and make bands feel they can't win over every fan.

Do you think meet and greets should still be a thing bands offer their fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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