As if the world isn’t strange enough right now, California residents were met with a truly bizarre sight last night as dozens of reports came in about UFO sightings, including spotting from members of Asking AlexandriaFrom First To Last and more.

Fox 10 initially reported about the sightings as numerous people in various parts of the country tweeted messages about a straight line of aircraft all flying perfectly together.

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Late last night, Arizona and California residents were reporting strange lights in the sky. The number of lights being reported differs ranging from about 10 to 20.

Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce says he saw multiple UFOs consistently flying in a straight line evenly spaced out. Some were quick to crack jokes, but Dorothy Martin reiterates seeing the same thing.

Numerous people have been saying the lights were SpaceX’s Starlink satellites but many of the people who saw the lights are saying this was different. Notably, From First To Last’s Matt Good agrees.

Other people have been sharing their experience seeing the lights too. You can see some of their reactions below.

What do you think of the UFO sightings from last night? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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