Attila just unleashed a classroom brawl of a new song called "Cancelled." The new track is Attila's first since the release of their 2019 record Villain.

Attila started teasing the new track earlier this week and have now unleashed the brutal new song to the world. 

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When Attila's Chris Fronzak isn't standing up to Trapt's Chris Taylor Brown or scaring the living daylights out of TikTok users, he's recording absolutely brutal tracks with Attila. 

The metalcore mainstays have made a name for themselves as one of the most vicious bands of the genre. "Cancelled" is no different. 

Earlier this week, Attila took to social media to tease their first new song in over a year. 

Come and get CANCELLED this Friday...


A few more teasers leads us to today (May 29) where the song was finally let out of its cage. 

CANCELLED is now playing everywhere! Jam our brand new single on all your favorite streaming apps right fucking now, and let us know what you think! ???

The visual for the song features everything from tv static and emojis to protests and atomic bombs. Listen to Attila's "Cancelled" below. 

"Cancelled" Lyrics

Don't give a fuck about the guidelines
Don't care bout pleasing all of you
I wanna watch the fucking world burn
I wanna burn you too
Push me to the edge cuz I welcome death

I don't wanna hear that smack
I don't even roll like that
Rather grab a rope and tie you up no slack
Better get back for I rack your ass
You can count on that WHAT
Wanna feel your brains, slice your veins
Toss you into the lake
I could take you out with no remorse
And bitch I won't even blink

Kiss the blade
Bite the curb
Maybe we should overdose
Say the word
I know you wanna watch me die
Watch me hurt
But legends always stay alive
Mark my words

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Everything I see is red
Everything I see is dead
Bitch you know I need some head
Better keep me fed
Better make some bread
For I spray this lead UH
I'm sick and tired of dreaming about the end I never know what's really real till the Bullet is in my head

All these days spent thinking of death
I'm gonna stab a fucking hole through your god damn chest
I want to see you fucking struggle till there's nothing left
I wanna put you in the grave I wanna take your flesh

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I wanna wear your face

You will never cancel me I know you're just an enemy and if you're not a friend of me then you won't make the end of me
You wanna make me fucking break
But I've got nothing to take
Grab you by the throat and shake
Wanna feel your neck break motherfucker what
Get fucked
I wanna smash your fucking face in

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