Austin Carlile has been open about his struggle with Marfan Syndrome—a rare connective disorder—and has explained in detail about the struggles he has faced while battling the disorder.

He opened up on his Instagram story, explaining that he had been taken into the hospital for cysts growing on his lower spine.

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In his messages, he explains that he was taken by helicopter to San Jose, Costa Rica to have surgery to remove the cysts growing on his lower spine. He further explains that it’s been “a rough 8 months” with his battle, but as “the fight continues on, I must as well.” 

Read his message in full below:

Austin Carlile hospitalized

Austin Carlile surgery

Austin Carlile surgery recovery

Earlier this year, he took to Twitter to talk more about his battle with Marfan Syndrome. It’s a genetic disorder that he has had his entire life, and because it’s so rare, that’s why he’s working to raise awareness for it.

Though it’s been a struggle, he explains that he’s learned “strength, patience and compassion,” with an “ability to understand so much better that so many people have it so much worse than me.” Read more from Carlile’s open discussion about Marfan’s Syndrome here.

Our thoughts are with Carlile and his family.

Follow the Marfan Foundation on Twitter here.

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