Austin Carlile, former frontman of Of Mice & Men, has been in a physical rehabilitation facility after undergoing surgery to remove cysts from his spine. Carlile has Marfan Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects connective tissue. This morning he posted an update on his health.

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The message from Carlile starts with: “I've been cleared to check out of the physical rehabilitation facility I've been living in the past two weeks! Will be spending the NEXT two weeks in southern California continuing in an even more intensive physical therapy program to restore the strength & mobility in my legs/back/core.”

He notes that they have found more cysts, but that the doctors do not think it will be necessary to operate on them. Carlile has also been put on anti-seizure medication for painful seizures that have been ailing his legs, and has been seizure free since.

Read his full update below.  


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Carlile has been active in raising awareness for Marfan's Syndrome since leaving Of Mice & Men due to the severity of his disorder making him unable to perform. He often works with the Marfan Foundation, which you can learn more about here.

Recently, Carlile gave a heartfelt speech at a Marfan Foundation function in which he tells his story of having to quit Of Mice & Men. 

Our thoughts go out to Carlile and we wish him the best of luck at his new rehab facility. Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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