On Oct. 29, Avatar launched a Kickstater campaign to raise money for a film about their new album Avatar Country.

The campaign is so successful the band already raised over twice as much than they were asking for.

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Avatar is planning to make a movie based on their album Avatar Country. To create the project, the band launched a Kickstarter campaign and asked fans for donation, offering some pretty amazing rewards.

"Avatar Country is not a normal album. We want to tell the full story and we want You to help us make this a reality," the band explained on the campaign page. "Together with You, we want to bring AVATAR COUNTRY to the screen!"

The initial plan was to raise $50,000 for the featurette, a goal the band raised in less than two hours.

Now, a day after the project launch, the band already received over $110,000 in donations. Even though there are still 19 days left on the campaign, most rewards are already gone.

Seems like the band has some really dedicated fans!

If you're curious about what exactly they're planning to do, here's how the band explained it:

Avatar Country will be a featurette (longer that a short movie but shorter than the Godfather) based on the music of the album of the same name. It will tell the full story which has already partly been shown in the videos released this far. We will of course continue to work with Johan Carlén who has been in charge behind the camera for all our music videos since Black Waltz. We have developed a language of our own through the years and become great partners, instrumental in realizing each others visions. 

If you want to be a part of it, you can still donate. Check out more information about the upcoming film here and check out the trailer below:

Avatar are currently on a North American tour with Trivium and Light The Torch. You can check out the full list of cities and dates below.


10/30 — Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
10/31 — Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory
11/02 — Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues
11/03 — Berkeley, CA @ UC Theatre

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