Following backlash over the original mix, Avenged Sevenfold have re-released their new track "Mad Hatter" which will replace the original track on all streaming services on Monday.


The track, which is featured in the forthcoming game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, dropped on Monday, Sept. 17—but fans were not happy.

After hearing the track on streaming services and the radio, fans began complaining about the new track's clarity and how some parts were hard to hear.

Frontman M. Shadows agreed with fans, stating the first time he heard it on the radio he too had an "Oh shit!" moment.

"Hey guys and gals - I hope you are all doing well," he wrote on the band's reddit page. "I just wanted to update you on a situation with 'Mad Hatter.' We saw some complaints about the mix and we totally agree with you! We were pushing the limits in a lot of different ways and once the compression of streaming services and radio got a hold of it the clarity become muddied. I heard it on the radio and was like 'Oh shit!'

The good news is we live in a world were you can quickly fix your mistakes and we have done just that. On Monday all streaming services and radio will switch to this new version with more clarity but we wanted you to get it here first. Check out this link. We hope you enjoy and have a great weekend."

New "Mad Hatter" Mix. from r/avengedsevenfold

 The band announced they were working on "Mad Hatter" for the video game back in May, and slyly slipped a teaser of the track into their most recent tour recap.

“The song is dark and brooding. We wanted to capture a difference feeling than a straight-ahead ‘zombie killer’ track,” frontman M. Shadows told Kerrang! “These songs are good places for us to experiment with our sound. I would put this in the category of ‘dark alternative.'”

Following the full debut of “Mad Hatter”, the band has plans to release a four-song compilation EP that will include all of their songs released with the Call of Duty franchise, including the new single.

What were your thoughts on the band's new track? Sound off in the comments below!

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