Avengers: Endgame has broken major box office records this weekend, including having the biggest weekend of all time making more than $1 billion, which is the first time a film has done that.

Now that so many people have seen it, many theories have come about regarding what Marvel might do next.

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One of those theories surrounds a possible new team of superheroes, further expanding the characters in the MCU.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

If you’ve seen the film, you’re aware of its tragic end. To get it out of the way, we know of the two major deaths in the film — Black Widow and Tony Stark. Following Stark’s traumatic death, many of the Avengers gathered together for a small funeral. Among the guests are Ant-Man and Hawkeye’s daughters, who could play a part in creating an entire new Marvel team.

In the Marvel Universe, something called the Young Avengers was created back in 2005. It included a group of teenage heroes who, initially, seemed to be matched with an iconic Avengers character. However, it was revealed they were each a mashup of two classic characters.

One of those characters is Kate Bishop, who had taken on Hawkeye’s part. In the second issue, Scott Lang’s daughter became a hero as well.

This matters when considering the funeral scene. In the film, Pepper Potts places a bouquet of flowers in the lake with Stark’s Arc Reactor place on top of it. During the part, the camera focuses on three young people behind her, which could become the future of the MCU.

In the scene, Hawkeye’s daughter Lila is standing in front of her father, who was seen at the beginning of the film training with her dad. Cassie Lang is also in front of hers. And then, the scene shows the young boy Harley Keener from Iron Man 3. Stark learned a lot from bonding with Keener, and the film signaled a heroic future for the boy.

Now, the inclusion seems to further hint that Keener is set to be a hero, and the future Marvel superheroes are already making their debut in the film. This theory was explored by The Hollywood Reporter. 

As previously stated, the film has been huge. Besides its billion-dollar worldwide debut, it made $350 million this weekend domestically, passing Infinity War which made $258 million.

It was projected to make between $230 and $283 million domestically, which it far surpassed. Also, it had a worldwide projection of $800 million, which The Hollywood Reporter estimated it would surpass.

It is currently the second-highest rated MCU film on Rotten Tomatoes behind Black Panther.

Avengers: Endgame beat records on the first night of its debut, becoming the top domestic preview of all time after making $60 million on Thursday.

The film was honestly breaking records before it even came out. For one, it sold five times as many tickets as Infinity War during its first week of presales. This should come as no surprise with the demand of tickets being crazy enough for fans to spend upward of $15,000 for a pair.

Also, the film broke the record for Atom Tickets’ best-selling movie of all time in only 10 days.

The film is so big, it’s even caused some theaters to stay open 24-hours a day during its opening weekend to meet high demands. Those demands partly have to do with the fact that the film is long. It had a leaked runtime of more than three hours, which is pretty impressive considering there is some fake footage in the trailers to throw off potential spoilers.   

It was previously announced that Endgame would close out Phase 3 of the MCU. However, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed he now has other plans.

Avengers: Endgame is monumental for so many ways. For one, it features the final cameo by Marvel legend Stan Lee, who passed away last year at age 95. Then, it was revealed that Marvel actually compiled all of Lee’s cameos and behind-the-scenes footage into a video, that they might release with the Endgame DVD.

In other news, Twitter users were recently granted tons of emojis of nearly all the characters in the film.

While you’re online playing with all the new MCU emojis, be careful to avoid possible spoilers as footage from the film is reportedly leaked and available online. Well, at least before you head to the theater and just finally see the film.

And if you have seen the movie, don’t ruin it for others. One man did that outside the theater which lead to him being beat up.

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters now. Check out one of the trailers below.

What do you think of this Avengers: Endgame theory? Sound off in the comments below!

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