Reddit user CatptainKyloStark recently shared a very interesting Avengers: Endgame theory to the MarvelStudios subreddit. The user thinks that the characters in the forthcoming film will have to travel across alternate realities in order to restore peace.

The fan theory seems to be well-received, as it teeters on the positive side by over 100 upvotes.

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The theory suggests that the alternate realities will combine concepts related to time-travel and dimension hopping. The user also says that his theory specifically resembles the Butterfly Effect, citing Bandersnatch as a reference.

“It’s still ‘our universe’ or ‘our dimension,’ the user says of the theory. “Nothing like the Mirror Dimension or Dark Dimension that we saw in Doctor Strange, which is something entirely different. I’m talking about different outcomes of our own universe split off into different outcomes based on different events. Did you watch Bandersnatch? Same thing.”

“My personal guess is that we'll see The Avengers ‘team up’ with Thanos in order to prevent further damage or destruction to the timelines,” the user continues. “Perhaps from judgement coming from The Living Tribunal in some way. Some trading of lives will be made in the process, and this is how we’ll lose some legacy Avengers. The timelines will be ‘fixed’ by the end of the movie, but not without major losses and drastic changes across the multiverse.”

If you wish, you can see the full post and get every detail of the theory here.

Another theory suggests that a major villain might return in the forthcoming installment.

Avengers: Endgame will hit theatres April, 26. If you haven’t yet, you can watch the original trailer for Avengers: Endgame below.

What do you think of this fan theory? Sound off in the comments below.

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