Avril Lavigne has released the deluxe edition of Let Go in honor of the album's 20th anniversary. The re-release includes all of your old favorites along with six bonus tracks.

One of the new songs is Lavigne's version of "Breakaway," a song she originally wrote for the album but gave to Kelly Clarkson.

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Other additions to the album include "Why," the B-side to "Complicated," and "Get Over It," the "Sk8er Boi" B-side that was unavailable on streaming platforms until now.

In March, Lavigne connected with Alternative Press for our Modern Icons Issue, where she discussed the fashion behind her Let Go era.

"I would wear the same shit over and over," she says. "No one ever fucking does that now. A lot of the vintage T-shirts I was wearing [at the start of my career] were literally mine from soccer and baseball and different sports. They were the T-shirts I had as a kid for those teams I played on. And the neckties were really my dad’s neckties. It’s really hilarious."





Lavigne recently wrapped up her Bite Me Canadian tour and will tour with Machine Gun Kelly this summer. Get your tickets here.

Check below for Let Go (20th Anniversary Edition).