Remember the conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne was replaced by a clone? She responded to those far-fetched and infectious rumors in a new radio interview. But the artist's reaction seemingly leaves a lot of room for interpretation!

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According to Australia's KIIS 106.5, the "Sk8er Boi" singer dialed in for a chat with the station, and she offered an ambiguous answer when questioned on the clone theory. But, first, let's back up: What is this theory? The Guardian recaps:

"The theory claims Lavigne, struggling with fame at the beginning of her career, began using a body double named Melissa. At some point, the real Lavigne is said to have died, so the record company replaced her with Melissa full-time."

And that outlandish belief is so ingrained in internet lore that simply searching "Avril Lavigne" online can result in some dire consequences for your device. So, what does the singer herself say to the suspicion that she's not the real Avril?

Ah-ha! Well, her answer's tagged as double-talk in KIIS 106.5's recounting of the on-air conversation: "Yeah some people think that I’m not the real me which is so weird!" said Lavigne. "Like why would they even think that."

"some people think that I’m not the real me which is so weird! Like why would they even think that."

The station offers the conclusion that "Avril never actually flat out denied" the conspiracy theory. (Of course, some will always believe that the real Avril hasn't been around for years, so what can you do?) And a few odd occurrences are described in the studio, purportedly happening the moment Avril responded:

"Not only that, BUT what was incredibly strange and creepy was that as soon as Jackie asked this question, the phone line turned really weird! Avril went a bit robotic, cut out and times, and even accidentally started pressing random buttons making a beep sound! Is it just a coincidence that things started going haywire with the line as soon as we asked about the Melissa theories? Or was someone doing it..."

Lavigne recently performed her comeback single "Head Above Water" for the Honda Stage series, and you can watch the intimate live video below. The stirring, piano-driven anthem of hope—born from the singer's battle with Lyme disease—was first announced back in September with an emotional letter to fans. It was accompanied by an equally valiant music video from the artist. Sound off down in the comments section!

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