Waterparks mouthpiece Awsten Knight has been called a lot of things, both good and less-good. But the one thing no one can accuse him of is being a mediocre guitarist. In case you need to be reminded of that, your buds over at APTV are going to prove that to you right now. Listen up, because guitar school starts right now.

Knight rolled by the APTV studio to hang out, and be 400,000 screaming watts of Awsten. Somebody thrust an acoustic guitar in his hands, thinking he'd crank out his favorite Slayer riffs. Instead, he broke down the complexities of "Take Her To The Moon" from Waterparks' 2016 release Double Dare. Indeed, he dissects the song for you with all kinds of rockstar flourishes included. Oh, and there's also the reminder of the mouth Mr. Knight kisses his mother with.

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If you're familiar with the song, you know it's quite a poptastic, happy jam. But there's a whole lot of nuance there to behold. Watching and hearing Knight deconstruct it on an acoustic guitar is pretty great. He delivers all of the technical expertise, but never in the role of really effin' important guitar scholar. That kind of stuff will drive a person to software. Or maybe a Kirk Hammett tattoo. But never both.

We hope you like Awsten Knight's how-to guide to playing "Take Her To The Moon." (Spoiler alert: Listen for the chorus of Altpress staffers behind the camera.) Yes, we did fail miserably in our attempt to get him not to swear so much. But in the process, we did get you a free guitar lesson. And some laughs. And those are things you can certainly use as you spend some time in self-imposed lockdown. You're most certainly welcome.