Baby Shark--the smash hit song of the summer by South Korea's Pinkfong just got a makeover. And no, it's not like another "Old Town Road" remix where someone just gives it a new hat.

No ifs, ands or buts about it, musician David Sikabwe, better known as Going Spaceward, gave it a whole new makeover. Complete with scene hair, striped arm warmers, and too much neon eyeshadow, this cover of Baby Shark is sure to fill that emo void in your nostalgic heart.

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Sikabwe not only creates something that sounds like you haven't heard the song a million times, but he flips the script and adds new content from the perspective of the fish.

So if you're tired of the classic "Baby Shark" and you're looking to be blown away by Sikabwe's talent AND relive the glory days even though it's not just a phase, then check out the video below.

Going Spaceward's EP Can You Hear It can be listened to here, and the Youtube channel is here.

If you're really feeling it and want to compare, here's the original as well.

More Baby Shark 

If you thought the Amazon Alexa was strange because of its ability to laugh randomly at users or identify when you’re sick, then you’ll be in for a treat.

In a new viral video from Facebook, one little girl has gained quite a following after Alexa played one of Say Anything‘s classic tracks, rather than the song about “baby sharks” she was hoping for.

In the video, the little girl in the yellow dress is trying to get her Alexa to play a song titled “Baby Shark.” Unfortunately for her, Alexa couldn’t quite pick up on what she was trying to say. After getting the device’s attention, she got Alexa to play a song…just not “Baby Shark.”

Instead, her Alexa decided to play Say Anything’s 2001 song “Sure Baby…Hold Back.”

Check it out below.

What do you think of "Baby Shark." Let us know below!

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